Geologists are stoners

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So I took a semester off of college, then for some reason this semester I received the largest amount of financial aid I have ever dreamed of. I made as much as my mom makes in a year, in half the time. I don’t ever feel as if I deserve it. My scholarships also sympathized for the reason I took off a semester and offered to extend my scholarship for a year, they let it slip out once that it was Chevron aka “Anonymous donor”, I remember when I was up for an elite interview via Texas Exes(alumni association for UT). I didn’t receive it, but during the process we all went to Gregory Gym I sat in the hot tub while staring at the tower. A guy turned to me and said “Is there any other place you’d want to be at right now”. I was hoping that I found a way to fund my education. I have no idea what I did in this life or the next to deserve this but I’m glad I did.

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My hair is ready for the first day of school
New posters #pinups #Marilyn #TylerDurden
Little drink umbrellas look really dope on Christmas lights #IAmSoBored
Lazy Saturday
Dying my hair with the blood of the innocent, and kool aid
Circa 2009
He’s so excited
My new ceiling lights :3


Overused Movie Poster Cliches [via]

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